Konitsa Athlon
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Aoos River and its tributaries (Voidomatis, Sarantaporos and Kerasovitikos) are ideal for kayaking and they have easy and difficult routes up to 27 km in length.

Aoos River

The most popular route on the Aoos River starts from the Aoos Bridge between the villages of Palioseli and Vrysochori and ends at Konitsa Bridge. The route is of high demands, since it has continuous high difficulty levels V and VI, its length is 15 km and its duration is from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the flow of the river. Selected sections of the route, which have a lower degree of difficulty (especially from the Stomio Monastery area and lower), can be done easier.



In Voidomatis, the classic route starts from the Aristi-Papigo Bridge, follows a green route in the Voidomatis gorge and ends at the exit of the gorge, at Klidonia Bridge. The duration of the route is from 1 to 2 hours and the degree of difficulty is II.

Sarantaporos and Kerasovitikos

Also for the most sophisticated kayak lovers, in early spring the tributary of Sarantaporos, Kerasovitikos, and sometimes Sarantaporos itself is suitable for descent.